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  • Big Bus Budapest: Hop On - Hop Off Bus Tour With Walking Tour and optional Night Tour, Cruise & Castle Shuttle Service
    The best way to explore the city
    The best way to see the city and decide which places you want to visit. Boat night tour was very picturesque. Budapest is amazing day and night, and Big Bus Tour helped to capture the city’s beauty.
    Natasha Nikitina, 02/May/2018
  • City Sightseeing Budapest: Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Ticket with Optional River Cruise
    Great Tour - but - they need to add a phone #
    The tour itself was great - but, when I arrived in Budapest I had absolutely no idea where to meet the tour. I asked our hotel to contact them, but the phone number is just a general number (for all countries) - and he couldn't get any information. Eventually, we had a taxi take us the 3 miles to one of the "stops" on the map and we looked around to try and figure out what the City Sightseeing sign might look like so we could pick up the tour. (Note - there is also a Hop On Hop Off company - with similar signs.... our hotel did have their map and brochure.....). Once we found the correct signs and got instructions from the tour guide - the tour was great. They just need to provide more info on their website (phone number - where to go when your arrive in that specific country, etc)
    Deborah Hoff, 23/May/2018
  • Budapest Official Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour: Bus, Boat and on Foot – 24, 48 & 72 hours
    Excellent value
    We took advantage of the 2 day package allowing us to take each of the bus routes to orient ourselves including the day river cruise. We then choose particular spots to roam and dine. The evening tour was beautiful but more enjoyable having had the day cruise to know the areas being lit up. The second day we used to go to sites we wanted to spend time at. Definitely a great value and perfect way to get a perspective of the beautiful city. Highly recommend.
    Charles Reddien, 17/May/2018
  • Budapest Official Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour: Bus, Boat and on Foot – 24, 48 & 72 hours
    A good way to see Budapest
    We were on jetlag so riding the bus and just listening was a perfect first day in Budapest. The night boat tour was terrific as was the night bus tour -- both should not be skipped if you get the 2 day ticket. Some of the buses have better upper decks than others -- depending on the weather. And, it would be great if the buses came a little more frequently. Still -- I would recommend it! We really enjoyed our time.
    Suzanne Bishop, 12/Jun/2018
  • Budapest Official Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour: Bus, Boat and on Foot – 24, 48 & 72 hours
    Good City bus tour
    Good bus tour. Did all routes in 2 days although there was a lot of overlap. Good way of seeing all city without walking too much. Decent value for money. Feel the commentary could have been more informative on board.
    Donna Jamieson, 24/May/2018
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